What about your kitchen sink?



Kitchen sink units


End of life cycle: if dwellings are about to be demolished.

Production process: when a sink has a flaw.

Dead stock: if it’s an old type, or a particular type that doesn’t sell well.


The kitchen sink units are made from sheets of stainless steel that have a thickness of approximately 0,5 mm. First they are cut into forms and punch holes are made. Then they are formed around a mould. They usually are stuck on a plywood plate for rigidity. Measures will vary, an example can be a element of 1720 x 570 mm, with a sink in the middle of 450 x 450 that is 170mm deep.

Not only the kitchen sink itself could be interesting, also the punch remains at the manufacturer could provide nice serial elements.

To be used as building blocks.


At the beach Barceloneta the Spanish team Trashformaciones installed a beautiful cube made of sinks: http://www.trashformaciones.com/eng/index.html

(See also in the category ‘websites’)

2012 Architects is now working on a tunnel like installation for the ‘Festival aan de Werf’ in Utrecht which is due May 2007. Pictures will be published here.

Lot-ek architects from NY made two walls from kitchen sinks that function as bookcases at the same time. See under the category ‘projects’ for more info.


You may find sinks at constructors, demolition contractors, or at the actual manufacturers of kitchen sinks.

this entry was made possibe thanks to a contribution by the netherlands foundation for visual arts, design, and architecture

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