Tower Room

Zoetermeer (NL)



For the new building of primary school Queen Wilhelminia in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands Studio Elmo Vermijs was asked to design the interior of the Tower Room.
The challenge was to create a space in the school where students can read, learn, relax, discover, play and build at the same time. In the design the space is kept open and transparent. At the same time it is a space where the students can make their own intimate spots. By designing at the scale of the students (5-11 years) the space is also only for their use, nevertheless is considered that supervision by a teacher can be held.

The Tower Room has become a place where the children climb up the stairs and continuously clime further and further. In the middle a net is strained where the students can relax, but also keeps the space transparent and open in nature. Everywhere there are pillows to sit and lie on, but also they can be used to build with, on the edges is Velcro sewn. The different lamps are a number of mathematical forms (which the students learn in primary school), these the students themselves can put together because at each part on the edges Velcro is sewn. Above the net there several cloths attached which by letting them down change whole space and creates an intimate tent. On the side of the staircase is a large bookcase made and on the landing a place arises where you can sit and relax.

In the design of the Tower Room several residues are used that Studio Elmo Vermijs in recent years has inventoried. Manufacturer of Office furniture Ahrend had with various residual materials an inspiring role in the design. Thus residues (felt), foam seats and residual pieces of furniture panels. The construction wood comes from demolition and a windmill sawn planks from old trunks.

The Tower Room is now the most popular place in the school every day, frequently used by all students. Teachers use the space for presentations, reading and working with students.

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