The Botanist collection

Eindhoven (NL)



Plants grow through a series of cellular interactions, reproductions and processes. Each cell of organic material changes the size, colour and form of the matter, resulting in the overall embodiment of the organism. A lamp is a man made object, it doesn’t grow, it doesn’t breathe and it doesn’t reproduce. However a lamp can lives through it’s function, the way it alters it’s environment and the way it provides for it’s proprietor.

By building the ”botanist,” lamps with disused components, a growth like process is possible and limiting the material options creates unique detailing and characteristics. This process is reminiscent of the relationship we have not only with materials we use, organic or otherwise, but also human relationships and the way they are recycled, grown, transformed in a way that benefits the concerned sometimes not with the purist of intentions.
Designed by Michael McCready

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