Telephone Sheep



A couple of decades ago these telephones where very common in the Netherlands. This because one had to hire this specific type of phone from the state run telephone company (PTT). With the liberation of the telephone market in the nineties these telephones became more and more obsolete. But some people (like me) still uses them.

French artist Jean-Luc Cornet turned them into sheep for the Frankfurt Communication Museum. Whit out falling to sleep i counted 12 of them. The color and texture suits them: Grey and curly, its like a ball of woll in reverse. Click on the link to also find the black sheep of the flock and do also check out the legs.

Artist: Jean-Luc Cornet

Project: Telephone Sheep

Superused: Telephones and their curly telephone wire

Location: Frankfurt Communication Museum,

Update: on September 10th, the NRCnext has also spotted the flock:

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