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since its launch in februari this year 32.322 people visited 45.424 times. These superusers watched on everage more than 4 pages per visit so that now about 200.000 pages have been displayed.

the average time that superusers spend on this site is almost ten minutes.

Many visitors (35%) get to Superuse directly, not by accidentally surfing the web and bumping in to us. The popuar website stumbleupon generataes 12% of Superuse visitors next to people that look for us via google (8%). As the closest content related website, serves us with 3,5% of the total visits.

the highest peak in visitors was on 25 th of april with 2895 visitors on a single day. This high amount was thanks to an e-mailed newsletter In the UK that we have no idea of.

Superuse is most popular in the US, The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Turkey and France. English and Turkish visitors are most interested in the site when they visit it.

Superusers seem to be typical firefox browser-users with 45% winning over explorer and safari.

source: Google analytics

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