Side A Side B



Reuse Workshop, Industrial Design, Guadalajara, Mexico

A competition for students of Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Guadalajara, Mexico lead to a number of designs. The students were only given five days to submit their entries. The students were even more inspired because the designs could be included a policy text that will be published later and that will be given to educate politicians and other government officials about design’s role in society, reuse, recycling and promoting local industry and tecnologies.

The idea was to create a product from existing products instead of creating something from using raw new materials. At first students were surprised that there would not be the freedom they might like to have in other competitions. Then the students were shown examples of another similar competition. Once students looked at those results they took off and started brainstorming.

The winning entry was made by: Rosaura Sanchez, Elisa Lua, Anami Orozco, Aldo Alatorre, Jose Chavez, Alejandra Barba

‘Side A Side B’ (2008)

Cassette Tapes

Guadalajara, Mexico


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