Scaffolding Board Supply, Use and Re-Use Chain in UK

London (GB)



Timber scaffold boards provide a working surface for scaffold users. In the UK, scaffold boards are designed and tested to comply with BS 2482 [British Standards].

The wood used to produce scaffold boards in the UK is European Whitewood, which is imported from the continent as it is this particular wood that is stipulated in the by BS 2482. This wood is selected over wood grown in the UK such as Sitka Spruce and Scotts pine as it is the correct size and has superior structural integrity, which is inherent in the trees genetic make-up. Technically, this means the tree has greater fibre strength and a more desirable cell structure.

When the wood arrives from mainland Europe it arrives already cut to the correct dimensions. The wood is, what is termed as ‘unseasoned wood’ [seasoning reduces the moisture content of the wood], meaning it is not dried before use. This is so the timber maintains its equilibrium with the natural environment and ensures the wood does not begin to warp, bend or twist when exposed to the elements….

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