sad story in Delft



tuesday 13th of may is a black day for architecture in holland as the faculty of architecture in Delft cought fire and could not ba saved. Parts of the building collapsed, burying years of research and beautiful works. Due to digitalisation some of the work could be saved but much of the cultural heritage that was inside the building has been lost forever. Although we feel very sorry that also the Miele Spacestation didn’t survive more than a year as an espressobar, the loss of famous collections in the library and important models and furniture goes beyond any imagination. In this building thousands of architects found inspiration in their professional career. All The initiators of this website were educated amongst them, convinced of the power of perpetuating materials lives. A simple fire makes such efforts look silly sometimes.

In recent years the faculty strongly moved towards the development of a sustainable future. We hope the staff finds the energy to reinvent the faculty in a free and inspiring way as we’ve experienced it in the now sadly closed of past.

PS. in selected shops some of the paper fragments of the faculties daily production can be found with a new purpose in notebooks until just before the fire. An architecture student produced notebooks out of miscopies from the copydepartment of the faculty under the name ‘Spandraad’. They can be consideres a kind of temporary memorial.

PS1. the sad collapse of the building after many huors of fire can be seen in this video.

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