Rubbish to Riches; Dinosaur toy from recycled junk



TinkaSaurus is a dinosaur toy made from trash. He comes from the world of Tinktolli, a new online virtual world for kids that is all about being creative by recycling everyday objects that were headed for the junkyard.

On Tinkatolli’s companion blog “TinkAbout It” (where you will find this guy TinkaSaurus) there are lots of recycling projects for kids to have a ball with.

Tinkatolli will open it’s doors in September for Beta testing, but until then, an avatar creator called the “TinkaMaker” has been launched for kids to start playing with on They can submit their creations to the gallery for free, and vote on each other’s Tinkas. Every week, the child with the most votes receives a t-shirt featuring their winning Tinka.

Tinkatolli is the first virtual world for kids that emphasizes creativity through offline play as well as being environmentally focussed. In order to progress in the game, kids are required to make stuff in the real world out of recycled objects, and physically move around, earning points for their efforts.

The hope is, not only to add value to children’s time spent online, but also subtly get them thinking about how we can get more out of the things we just use and then throw away, every single day.

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