‘Rotten Rollercoaster’




The ‘Rottepont’is one of the first art projects 2012 architects built themselves. During the summer of2001 in conjunction

with an arts event in Rotterdam, this temporary

crossing for pedestrians operated between the

banks ofthe Rotte, the river that gave the city its

name. It may not be the most efficient way of

crossing a river but certainly the most entertainingand it keeps you fit as well.

(ed van hinte)

This project was built with 8 cable reels construction of scaffolding. The 4 bottom reels were filled with filled up inner tubes. The top cable reel was finished with bike tyres. to create enough friction to drive the lower ones. Two litthe bridges were added to board. These were composed from the curved inner planks of cable reels thus creating a sinus curved staircase and seats.

text by Ed van Hinte in the book

smart architecture

010 publishers

ISBN 90-6450-490-3

the book is sold out but you can view it here


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