Recycle? Bicycle!



Used rims, handlebars and frames are mixed-matched with: inner tubes, outer tubes but also car- and train windows. Some of the chairs Bike Furniture Design makes, brought back memories of the circus act with hoops. As if at one point during the act the chairbuilder would say: ‘Freeze!’ and weld everything together.

In the town of Marquette, the Michigan based company develops since 1990, chairs from bike-parts. Company founder and convinced bike lover, Andy Gress, develops furniture primarily made from recycled steel and aluminum bike parts. Almost everything is (re)used, everything but the saddle.

The designs are developed from the vernacular of classic modern furniture design. As such they can be seen as variations but also authentic. Some chairs look like something from the era of the modernistic tubular chair (a certain Mr. Otakar Mácel wrote a dazzling book about it) but with the clear (sometimes very clear) presence of bike parts.

This piece of furniture is the Milano Lounge Chair, The Mini DeLuxe version. According to the site, this is the chair closest to the bike furniture developed in the early days. It’s constructed of chromed steel bicycle rims. Inner tubes are used for the upholstery. The foot is made of handlebars, grip included. The chair wouldn’t be DeLuxe without its special attention device.

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