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Rotterdam (NL)



The Follydock competition brought to life this container origami. The folly architecture competition, held in 2007 was organised by Lowieke Duran a.o. in Rotterdam. The design passed all stages of the competition and was eventualy build at Heijplaat, in the harbour area of Rotterdam. It’s made from two, in origamy style folded, 40ft cargo containers.

Even the scale model, contained reused materails. It was made of discarded heating radiators. Construction and welding of the 10 meter tall folly was done by master-welder Vincent Petit. In October of this year (2008) it was re-opened.

Wouter Roeterink, Ron Nout, Femke Bijlsma and Allard Roeterink

Container Origami (2007 – reopened: 2008)

Two 40ft containers

Eemhavenweg, Heijplaat/Charlois, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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