RDF 181 brussels



14th of december the Brussels organisation Rotor opened its temporary office on a derilict buildingplot, reusing the neigbours wall and supportbeams for lateral stability.

Tha pavilion is built from different types of temporary and wastematerials; scaffolding and casting-beams as a main construction, plastic sheeting, as a facade and wastefoams for insulation and seating furniture. A roofterrace is built form cut-off wood from van-building companies.

Rotor is the belgian sisterorganisation of Recyclicity. Their main aim is tracing production waste at large. In their new office they will spend a year investigating as many as possible streams for reuse purposes in Belgium.

Rotor is an initiative of Maarten Gielen and many other creatives.Maarten told us that in belgium a building permit can last up to one and a half year. One would think this makes spontanuous and temporary project like this impossible, but actually temporary constructions are invisible to the administration. Especially since it takes burocracy half a year to send a notification that a project is not permitted and another half to actually come down and close the site. By that time RDF 181 has moved already……

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