Can buildings with a dark past be re-envisioned through something as harmless as a

cookie? Three architects thought so, creating a temporary bakery within the 4

kilometer-long walls of the former-Nazi Hotel Prora in Rügen, Germany. The austere,

geometric pattern of this building’s façade was transcribed onto the sides of

shortbread. A once domineering edifice, laden with past sins, became the subject of a

sinful snack. All the elements of a working bakery were created using materials already

on-site. Broken bricks formed the walls of a new baking oven… massive pot lids

transformed into oven doors… wrought iron gates became oven grills. In the process, new

purpose breathed life (and the mouth-watering aroma of cookies) into a forgotten relic.

After completing their project the architects gave their design to a local bakery. The

Prora-cookie was born.


Project: Prora All Inclusive

Location: KDF-Bad Prora, Rügen, Germany

Ready: Augustus 2003

Project team: Hans Vermeulen, Martine de Wit, Hedwig Heinsman

Thanks to: Bäckerei Nils Peters, Rügen

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