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via Ingeborg van lieshout on Bright

Miwa Koizumi turns Pet bottles into underwater creatures:

“I love the idea of using liquid containers to make water animals. Contained/containing, trash/not-trash, like the jelly-fish or anemone: Living/non-living

And I wanted some pets…

I use a combination of heat guns, soldering irons and different cutting utensils to make these PETs. I wanted to work with glass but this is more fun. I have as much material as I want just by fishing in the garbage.

what is PET?

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is in fact very natural, it is made from oil, which comes from really old plants. PET is highly recyclable can be transformed again and again to un-imagined uses.

the creature on this image is called Pet-volvic

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