Ombouwen/Restructure opened



last week the exhibition ombouwen/restucture was opened in Stroom art centre in The Hague.

Three approaches to building intelligently

September 23 thru November 11, 2007

Location: Hogewal 1-9

Opening: Saturday September 22, 5 pm

Superuse, Building Lightness, Cradle to Cradle.

Building intelligently is a combination of technological development, integration of functions, ethics and a radically new approach to design. The focus is on sustainability and reuse, innovation and creativity. Everything can be organized in a more clever way. Why not cut waste flows short? Use whatever materials are available around building sites. Make buildings much lighter than they are today. This saves a lot of energy and material. Incorporate the dismantling of a building or product into the design. Many people are of the opinion that building intelligently will be the revolution of the 21st century.

The Black Madonna social housing block recycled!

The exhibition ‘OmBouwen/ReStructure’ shows that the three approaches to building intelligently, i.e. reuse (Superuse), lightweight constructions (Building Lightness) and Cradle to Cradle, are different but complimentary.

Superuse looks back. Reuse everything available. In the exhibition the window frames salvaged from the Black Madonna social housing block will be used again. Cradle to Cradle looks to the future with designs guaranteeing reuse of high quality, and looks at nature, with value increase at every stage of the cycle: ‘upcycling’. Building Lightness adds to this the minimalism of effort and energy through the design of smart structures.

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