NS-upcycle products by VerdraaidGoed

Nieuw-Lekkerland (NL)



VerdraaidGoed is a sustainable design company with a focus on reducing waste in a playful way. They are expert in producing with obsolete material streams. The designed products will stay as close as possible to the look and feel of the original waste material, which leads to surprising products. Next to that, most products are handmade in sheltered workshops in the Netherlands.

One of the waste materials VerdraaidGoed uses are the old timetables of the Dutch Railways (NS). Every year 15.000 of these timetables are replaced. Instead of discard or recycle them, VerdraaidGoed upcycles these characteristic yellow timetables into unique, simple and surprising products for daily use.

One of the products is the Spoorblokken (notebooks), available in different sizes, with lines or blanco paper. Another product is the Dienstblaadje (serving tray), which perfectly fits on the small tables in the train. The Trein Tof-Hee is a set of strategic games, a compact and fun product. A complete NS-upcycle assortment is produced, which you can find on our website www.verdraaidgoed.nl.

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