‘The Nootzuiger (noot=note, zuiger=sucker, as in ‘dustsucker’) is a harmonium (air-organ) build into an old Miele vacuum cleaner. So (…), form and function of two (household, everyday) objects are associated and literally combined. It makes a really nice sound, but its too bad I had to get rid of the vacuum-cleaning function to fit in the keyboard. As with most of the other objects (naaitafel, stratenspeler) this one is constructed from stuff I found in the garbage. The old harmonium and vacuuum cleaner were lying around in my studio and one day I saw the connection between them and started building. In one night I made the Nootzuiger. I love to build. If I have an idea, I have to make it as quickly as possible, otherwise, for me, it loses it value.’

Dennis de Bel

Nootzuiger (2007)

Superused: Air-organ and Miele vacuum-cleaner


Freely quoted: Dennis de Bel, and Bright nr. 18, okt/nov. 2007, page 59.

Picture from Dennis de Bel’s site:

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