MP3 Grenade



Obama Orders Secret Prisons and Detention Camps Closed.* Yes he Can. A good step, but the 44th President will not dismantle his army. If he did, he could turn the weaponry into gadgets! That would than be a slight deviation of turning weapons into ploughs.

A certain Matt of NYC Resistor figured it out. To much Shock and Awe of his colleagues he ordered 4 decommissioned training grenades and turned 1 into a MP3 player. When the explosives are removed, the hand grenade is nothing more than a small container, but with an appearance that makes ‘great conversations on airports’.

For Matt it was a childhood dream project. But the grenade turned out to be lethal, the first MP3 player died because of solder-work. The second one stayed alive. The final result was functional mp3 player embedded in an old hand grenade, with an interface that works. The grenade is now loaded with fine mp3 tunes.


MP3 Grenade player (2009)

Superused: Decommissioned training grenade and a new Sansa 2 GB mp3 player

*) New York Times of today, January 22, 2009 –

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