Lenin’s Sarcophagus

Moskou (RU)



In 1924 Melnikov also won the competition for the sarcophagus of the Lenin Mausoleum. The sarcophagus designed by Melnikov had an unusual geometrical form.

“The architectural idea of my project, – the architected explained later on, – consisted in a four-faceted extended pyramid cut with two surfaces inclined inside in opposite directions which formed by intersection a dead level diagonal. Thus, the upper glass surface turned out naturally strong against any impact. The developed construction idea eliminated the necessity for framing the joints of the sarcophagus with metal. We got the crystal with starlight play of the inner color sphere.

The sarcophagus designed according to slightly changed Melnikov’s project was constructed in the wooden Mausoleum, and later on it was preserved and used in the stone Mausoleum until WWII.

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