RECYCLY is a didactic and interactive paper that educate children in the work of recycling. Its formalization is that of a friendly robot that evokes the garden gnomes and is programmed to detect the type of waste, which by color coding makes the robot is backlit allowing the child to know if the waste is in the correct bin . On failure helps children find the correct robot.

The robot has three basic types:

-PAPE: It’s the robot of paper and cardboard, is represented by the blue color and has disposer.

-PLASTY: Eats plastic is yellow and lava inside the plastic.

-COMPO: This type has a system capable of converting organic waste into compost (Bio-Compost) is Bio-substances that speed up the process while removing odors that could loosen the decomposition process.

RECYCLY is created in Crion ®, an ultra-white plastic material that contains elements and self-cleaning stone, giving it self-supporting capacity and weather resistance. The robot also features a backlit display and a reservoir on the back practicable.

Project undertaken by OOOMY DESIGN (Vanessa Moreno and Nenad Katic) together with the designers Marian Sánchez Aedo and Clara Bonafé for the fair-EXPOENERGÉTICA EGÉTICA 2009, sponsored by Valencia City Council.

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