ijSP, i’m your ice cream man


C├ęsare Peeren

The Socialist Party, known for the ‘red tomato’ in their logo decided to start throwing ice-balls at the electorate instead of tomatoes. They asked Superuse Studios (2012Architects) to design an ice-cream vending car for them.
The obvious material to work with were broken fridges and freezers. We assembled the freezers into a sculptural bar that was double insulated by adding another layer of fridge doors on the outside. The ice stayed cool in there for two days at least without use of energy. The outside layer is as well am attention attractor as a way to display flyers in the former fridgedoors/ The solar shading roof is made solely form the plastic lining of fridge doors to make a lightweight extendable sunshade.
The project has been made possible through the support of DOEN foundation

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