Helmet Lamp



Unfortunately I destroyed my Smila Blomma from IKEA, due to mistreatment: I let the bulb come to close to the plastic. After removing the Blomma the construction of the lamp is as such suitable that I could turn it easily into a (echo machine on) Construction Helmet Lamp (echo machine off). It needed just 1 screw, and I can still use the helmet as an helmet.

One can even go really nerdish and turn it into an autarkic lamp by adding a solar panel or a small windmill onto the helmet. During working day at the construction site the solar panel or windmill will charge a battery, at night the helmet can be put on the Smila Blomma construction next to for instance the wardrobe section of your house. Here it than functions as a ‘Honey, I’m home’ lamp.

John Bosma

Construction Helmet Lamp (2009)

Superused: 1 (broken) Smila Blomma, 1 screw and 1 construction helmet.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Smila Blomma: http://www.ikea.com/nl/nl/catalog/products/10074646

IKEA-hackers: http://www.flickr.com/groups/764606@N20

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