Guerilla Gardening 2



In Kensington, London Eric Cheung and Sean Martindale started the biggest and most impressive installation yet. Since about a month ago they are turning poster-covered utility poles and walls into makeshift plant-holders.

The simplicity and accessibility of those materials means that anyone can duplicate the planters, which is exactly what Martindale and Cheung want. On their blog they have created diy instructions which are under Creative Commons.

“Throwing the template out there is simply a polite push for others that this is a pretty easy thing to do and that anybody could (and should?) do it,” Cheung explains. Martindale, too, hopes that “people will pick up on these concepts and spread the ideas around. We want to support more engagement…Anyone is welcome to use one of our patterns or to make their own variation, as long as it isn’t for a private profit–driven initiative. We want to keep it open-source, as was always intended. It belongs to this city and other urban environments.”

Eric Cheung and Sean Martindal

Poster Pocket Plants (2009)

Superused: Billboard posters

London, Kensington


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