glass bottle table



‘Fink bubbles table is made of empty glass beer bottles. The main idea for the table was to use a leftover package material-the beer bottle- and use it as a main structural element. The shape, form and whole conception of the beer bottle appropriation was made so as it will look like the bubbles created in the beer foam. For this beer bottle is turned with its bottom up, then glued and given its final shape. Taller glass bottles function as table legs, while from one side the table top recedes in height and touches the ground. The primal use of bottle as a container is seen again in the table in few bottles that are glued with their top looking up serving as holders or vases. The tables’ outline is asymmetrical both when viewed from top and face, giving a liquid and fluid impression.’

Design: Kabul design

Project: bubble table (2009)

Superused: Fink beer bottles

Original unpublished story by Kabul Design – and

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