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To create a furniture set for his garden room, Bastiaan Bosma from Heerenveen got his hand on very diverse pieces of discarded wood. Wood coming from a bridge, an harbor and left overs from his work and his own fence. Bastiaan is an autodidactic furniture maker. In daily life he is a working on a shipyard in Heeg, making one of the most expensive boats, money can buy.

To create the chairs and the bench he used the left overs from his wooden fence. This fence can be seen at the right on the picture. For the table Bastiaan used Azobé sheets from the former bridge deck of the Stadsbrug* from Kampen which was renewed in 2001 by Zwarts Jansma**. The ca. 100 year old sheets were though to work with, Bastiaan: ‘To drill the hole for a sun-umbrella cost me 2 hole saws.’ For legs he used a couple of teak poles.

Two pieces of harbor pole, which lay in front of the set on the picture, where later used as columns to host flowerpots.

Bastiaan very well understood the basics for a garden set: a good seat and durability. So he took high quality wood and used it overdimensioned. As a whole it looks very strong and seems to last forever. From personal experience I can add to this that the set is also very sit-able.

Bastiaan Bosma

Table, chairs and flower-columns (2007)

Superused: (for the table) Azobé sheets from the stadsbrug or oude brug from Kampen and Teak beams, (for the chairs and bench) wood for fences, (flower-columns) basralocus harbor pole

Heerenveen, Fryslân

*) old bridge:

**) new bridge:

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