Fokker 100 Canteen



In 1996 legendary airplane manufacturer Fokker went bankrupt. The proud Dutch company, founded in 1912 by Anthony Fokker, made once the illustrious Dr.1 fighter plane (1917) (one was flown by the Red Baron), the G-1 (1936) fighter and the Fokker F27 Friendship (1955) perhaps three of the most beautiful planes ever made.

The Fokker shown here, is the last, 100 seat fuselage, Fokker made. The bankrupt company failed to sell it as a whole plane so in 2000 the Breda based metal company Stolwerk could buy the fuselage from the warehouse at Schiphol. The wings and engine bays came from elsewhere from the planet and arrived a couple of months later. In 2004 the plane was ready to be used as canteen and meeting place.

The airplane can be seen whilst travelling by train from Rotterdam to Breda at the left hand side, just before entering the station.

Stolwerk metaal

Canteen (2004)

Fokker 100 (1986 – 1996)

Breda, The Netherlands

The Fokker 100 on Google maps:,5.509644&sspn=2.677252,15.578613&ie=UTF8&ei=BZ70R8KgHoTy2wLukvCbBw&cd=1&cid=51594306,4758179,5123393021523264664&li=lmd&t=k&ll=51.594045,4.756817&spn=0.002549,0.004989&z=18

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