Julien Recours

Julien Recours is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and conceptionist. His project ‘FLOWN’ shows that each depreciated Airplane Structure, piece or material can be rethought. He takes them out of the context, opens up the perspectives and experiments with different parts. Each reorientation of a piece goes through a study of aesthetics and functionality. The multifunctionality is shown through applied contemporary design, and an architectural quality arises.
Doing so we can enjoy the quality of the durable airplane parts for a second time.
There is always a small worthwile transformation needed to make it usefull for the new destiny.
Chairs become office meeting places or lounge bars through a new way of organizing them. Window frames become separation walls, corridors and lightning structures by turning them upside down, placing them in other perspectives or by hanging frames on the ceiling. Flight cases become office stacks, working desks etc. The only action needed is replacing and re-organizing the shelves.

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