Floppy Disk Cloth



This is a part of a cloth made from the inside of 3,25 inch floppy disks. The cloth was designed and made by 2nd Change Design. The Brussel based designers group consists of Carolina Bertomeu Sanchez and Juan-Fransico Mortier. The cloth was ‘born after a long reflection about living and designing today. We wanted to create something about today & tomorrow’s World, and also about the act & consequences ofdesigning today. In Design and in general, we must try to really innovate with respectfull products, and avoid nature-killer products.’

The creation of the 3,25 inch diskette cloth and lamps, and the vhs-tape cushion (pictures on their site) happened as following: ‘If with a product you can urge someone to reflection, if it is there not for the show only, then it could be a good design. So we have tried to stick to these points at all stages of conception and realisation.

We wanted to choose the 1 medium of each type that were the most close to us. We chose to work with VHS (video cassettes) and 3,25 inch diskettes (latest computer Floppy disks), as these are very fresh in everyone’s mind, and you can find these in any house. After we had disassembled each one, we discovered how interresting the “souled part” was: the tape of the VHS and the disk inside the Floppy disk.

As we were formed to design furniture and interiors, we decided to create an environnement made of these 2 elements, with size and assembling variations. We’ve first created a system in order to join the disks together. With this system, we can build lamps (with the addition of one CD for each one), room dividers, sculptures and many more.’

Source: www.2nd-chance-designs.com

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