first 70 % reused villa



This villa is now being realized in Enschede, Holland. The first ambition was to use 50 % reused materials. But the contractor got carried away by the concept and introduced so many waste materials that it looks like the result will be about 70 % reuse.

The initial sketch design was made definitive using the measurements of a construction of metal beams that originate from a textile machine. Enschede is in the former textile-industry area of Holland.

The facade will be clad with wood from cable reels, which sizes define the rhythm of the facade. From experiments with cable reels in art-projects; rottepont and robodock, we learned that for sustainable building only the inner planks are interesting; they are still in good condition, have all the same length and contain no nails at all. This makes them a good building element.

All glass-houses have a single glass outer skin made from part of the 10% loss of a glass factory nearby the project. This factory agreed to cut all leftovers to 40 cm wide pieces.

The different lengths of the glass will make a lively facade.

to be finished end of 2008

design by 2012architects

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