Festival center KFDA09



Rotor has designed an ambitious project for Les Brigittines. With only modest means at their disposal, this Brussels collective has entirely revamped the arts centre Les Brigittines. A spacious mezzanine is built in the hall, offering visitors a surprising view of the arts centre itself and the railway line, while an impressive terrace stretches out at the entrance of the building.

Since the festival centre is a temporary installation, they have opted for a design that takes into account the future destination of the materials used in its creation. They work with rented prefab elements used as formwork in the building industry, and different kinds of wood waste are used for finishings, for instance melaminated chipboard from unmarketable furniture was used as flooring. In this way, the large structures will leave hardly any supplementary waste after the festival.

Opening hours

Thursday 30/04 > 18:00

Friday 1/05 > bar: 13u / resto: 18u

Saturday 2/05 > bar: 15u / resto: 18u

Sunday 3/05 > bar: 13u / resto: 18u


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Toon Verberg