exploded authorship #2



In an article by Darren Chan on The Design Weblog more examples of the explosion technique are mentioned, next to paul Veroude his latest work: a formula 1 racing car.

“First up is Damián Ortega’s Cosmic Thing(2002), an exploded view of a 1989 Volkswagen Beetle in moca…(which is part of) their permanent collection”

and now “Created by Dutch artist Paul Veroude, the 3,200 parts that make up this particular Honda F1 car is suspended in a physical exploded technical diagram. (…)

On one end, it reminds me of my childhood days, pulling images of the LEGO diagrams found in the instruction booklets out of the recesses of your memory banks. On the other hand it brings me back to the Matrix days, just imagine walking onto a set in the middle of an F1 race, the car crashes and explodes into million (or in this case 3,200) parts. The action freezes allowing you to walk in and out of the debris examining all the small magnificent parts that make up these breathtaking machines.”

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