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by Bonnie Alter, London on 05.18.06 for Treehugger

Recycle The Essential Guide is a comprehensive introduction to the whole area of recycling. Clearly and succinctly written, it will appeal to the beginner who may not be quite sure what the subject includes but it has enough detail that even the most informed Treehugger will find something new to think about. It covers all the recyclable materials: paper, plastic,metal, glass, household waste and compost. Each material is explained in depth. For example under paper it describes its composition, asks why recycle, does it make a difference, explains the process, what the individual can do, includes games for children and a list of relevant websites in U.K., U.S., Australia, Canada and South Africa. There are case studies which illustrate innovative approaches to different issues around the world. These include composting in Hackney, recycling in Cuba and plastic bag taxes in Ireland ( it’s true, and they have seen a 90% drop in consumption–l billion fewer bags consumed annually). A consumer directory of eco designers includes some new and interesting finds such as a trashcan made of recycled tires and a recycling bin made of shredded paper. Each product is illustrated and has web addresses and contact details of the supplier. There is an international directory listing organisations and charities by country. With good clean presentation and graphics, this is a fine present to encourage someone who is getting interested in the subject. :: Black Dog Publishing

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