eight screws



The wood waste used in this design comes from a company that rents materials for making formwork. Because of the intensive use, some of the beams will be damaged when returning to inventory afterwards. These beams are subsequently cut to smaller but also standardised lengths. In this way, damaged beams are re-used for less demanding applications, but the entropy of the beam considered as a thermodynamic system is limited to the very minimum. The off-cuts and other wood-waste are normally recycled by a third party in the production of chipboard.Â

We used those damaged off-cuts or too short beams to build 30 seats for a terrace outside. We cut them to a standard length of half a meter. Only 8 screws transform the beam-fragments in a seat. These screws will in no way hamper future recycling to chipboard, a fate that will probably befall the seats in a couple of years.Â

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