eat more recycled food!


David Burns, Austin Young

The reason i posted this is that i seriously doubt the efficiency of our food-production system. In all levels ; farm, transport, auction, shop and at home there is a loss of food. I recently understood the total of that loss is 40 %, i wonder if we would produce food all over the city and distrbute it directly to the consumer if we wouldn’t be able to supply food using a smaller and more humane scaled system. Especially since the 40% doesn’t take into account the loss of quality of the food, landscape and joy that is also inherent to the industrial scale….

read the missionstatement of ‘fallen fruit’:

“Public Fruit” is the concept behind the Fallen Fruit, an activist art project which started as a mapping of all the public fruit in our neighborhood. We ask all of you to contribute your maps so they expand to cover the United States and then the world. We encourage everyone to harvest, plant and sample public fruit, which is what we call all fruit on or overhanging public spaces such as sidewalks, streets or parking lots.

We believe fruit is a resource that should be commonly shared, like shells from the beach or mushrooms from the forest. Fallen Fruit has moved from mapping to planning fruit parks in under-utilized areas. Our goal is to get people thinking about the life and vitality of our neighborhoods and to consider how we can change the dynamic of our cities and common values.

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