DOEN-materiaalprijs 2010



DOEN | Materiaalprijs 2010: sustainable materials and innovative technologies for tomorrow’s world.

Designs for a sustainable society. The DOEN | Materiaalprijs challenges visual artists, designers, fashion designers and architects in the Netherlands to design a blueprint of the world of tomorrow. Artists and designers are innovators and pioneers. And, with the application of new materials and ground-breaking technologies, they can help to bring us closer to attaining a sustainable world. The DOEN | Materiaalprijs was founded in 2009 to promote sustainable design practice where the core values of innovation and sustainability go hand in hand with style and functionality. This annual prize aims to mobilise everyone at the cutting edge of art and design to devise new ways and means of designing for a sustainable future.

The DOEN | Materiaalprijs awards two prizes. The sum of €15,000 for a final product and an incentive prize of €5,000 for an idea that has not yet been put into production. Submissions are welcome from all designers, visual artists, fashion designers and architects living and working in the Netherlands. The closing date for entries is 10 September 2010. An expert committee will select fifteen to eighteen designs from the work submitted. The winners will be announced during the opening of Dutch Design Week, on 23 October 2010.

The DOEN | Materiaalprijs is a joint initiative of the Materiaalfonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving and DOEN Foundation. Both organisations believe that artists and designers have a decisive role to play in shaping a sustainable world.

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