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This small coffee table book table is a creation of Will Holman. Though I’m against destroying books (knowledge, ideas, (other) thoughts), this one still seems readable. This two way (re)use appeals to me. It reminded me of Jeff Koons’ G.O.A.T.*.

Will Holman is studying architecture with the Outreach post-grad program at the Rural Studio in Newbern, USA**. Working in a team of four, he is now working on the 20K House 9.0***: Making a house for equal or less than $ 20.000 (€ 13.500****).

Will made a whole range of furniture from trash, a wheel barrow chair, shopping cart chair, tennis ball chair to name a few. These and more chairs by Will Holman:

Will Holman

Book table

Superused: book

Newbern, Alabama, USA

*) Jeff Koons, G.O.A.T., a book about Mohammed Ali. Koons made a complete installation of it, featuring the G.O.A.T. book on a small stool/table including a inflatable tire around the stool/table and dolphin floating above.


***) (I had a problem with downloading the pictures.)

****) Rate, October 9th, ’09:

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