C’est Une Hek



His motto is: do it. Go for it completely: a plan, a journey, a film. Inspired, deliberately uninhibited. In 1997 Joost Conijn build a fence in the Moroccan dessert. It opens up automatically when a car is steered at it. The fence is build out of three left and right side panels of an old Citroën DS (Mark 3). Central question in his work is where man stops and machine begins. Boundaries have to be re-layed and projects that seem impossible have to be realised. Experiment, risk and innovation are tags in his work. ‘My work starts at the uncontrollable desire to move myself, to create my own possibilities, to realise plans, to let everything work for that complete moment.’

Joost Conijn (1971)

C’est Une Hek (1997)

Superused: Citroën DS panels

Morocco, Sahara desert


http://www.joostconijn.org still from the video: C’est Une Hek (1997)


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