cable reel reality




Cable reels are being used to distribute the endless amounts of communication wires needed for being able to read this…

They are left outside most of the time so after being used several times the circular outside planks start to rot. the rotten ones are being collected by the owner. They are owned by the companies producing cable like: Pirelli, TKF, NKF, Draka. Once they collected enough the rotten ones will be discarded paying between 5 and 10 euros to be allowed to do so.


A cable reel usually is made out off three different types of components:

1: Two circular planks, 2: an amount of similar length, but in section rounded, planks composing the inner cylinder, 3: about 6 thread ends that keep everything together. It takes about 20 minutes to separate a reel into these parts.

Experience learns that even the rotten ones can still be used for temporary projects, we used them for a boat; the rottepont and a grown up playground; robodock ndsm.


The wooden planks in the center are usually perfect. We are currently using them as a facade for ‘villa welpeloo’


in holland they can be obtained at

pirelli, Delft

NKF, Amsterdam

tkf, Haaksbergen

this entry was made possibe thanks to a contribution by the netherlands foundation for visual arts, design, and architecture

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