BMW Vessel

Berlikum (NL)



So you thought only Cubans could make a boat from (ex?) road worthy material? This combination is made in Fryslân, a very green and relaxed province in the North of the Netherlands full of canals and lakes.

Some guys from Berltsum (Berlikum) used an old BMW and Chateau caravan and montaged it on some empty oil barrels. The thing is powered by the original straight 6 (?) from the Beemer. The guys took it for a holiday in the province.

Here is a small, comercialized, movie, where you can watch it go in al its might, glory and BMW powerrr:

Made by: Friesians

Project: Auto Boat Kerven (2008)

Superused: BMW and Chateau caravan

Twitpicture from Sito Wijngaarden:

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