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Brasilian Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau`s passion for bikes started in the sixties when he was inspired by the movie ‘Easy Rider’. To make miniatures versions of motorcycles came when he saw other miniatures made from stuff like wood, potery, screws and wires. But non of those artists works with watches.

Jose got the watches after they were gathered through a shop’s advertising campaign. This watch store was run by his personal friend, Alexandre Ranieri Peters. He created a campaign where people could swap their old hour for a new one. The exchanged material was given to Jose. Because of a bizzy day job, he can only makes the miniatures in the weekends. The collection, now more than 200, is personal and not for sale, yet. Jose hopes he be able to sell them in the future. His bikes have been exposed to the public in jewellery fairs.

Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau (1950)

Bike miniatures

Superused: Watch parts (he even uses the batteries)

Click on the picture to rediscover the watch parts. More bikes:

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