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This venue of Stanica Cultural Centre in Zilina, Slovakia. built from beer crates and straw bales in 2009 thanks of hard works of 120 young volunteers. Even if we have still a lot to do to complete the construction with technical equipment, we are very happy to share with you this unique adventure of S2 construction.

What you would need if you make yourself: roof of the concrete bridge in the neighborhood, 3.000 beer crates, 800 straw bales, 10 m3 of wood and 60 OSB boards, 120 railway sleepers, 1 old shipping container, 2 lorries of mud, 12.000 nails, 1 km of screw-bars, 3.000 wood and metal screws and other joining components, 120 volunteers’ hands, 5.000 volunteers’ hours within three months, 7.000 €…and…no need of official permission:-)

Nobody of us has had experience with such construction before we have started to build up the biggest straw bales building in Slovakia and the first one from beer crates. But the work has been leading us and everyday common discussion has solved questions and problems.

And why? The project of S2 continues our activities in revitalization of the industrial land surrounding Stanica. In 2005 a group of young architects and designers realized reconstruction of the walking underpass near Stanica and we have started new workshop named Living Under(ground). Since 2006 we have slowly created a community park under Rondel, summer stage, masterplan of the whole area. The construction of S2 has been especially made to clean and give new sense to unused space under the bridge. Second reason for building has been lack of space for some dance and theatre performances and some bigger events in Stanica (and their audience). Also the aim is to show fresh solution to public authorities investing money in huge national and municipal cultural venues that have soon after problems with money for program, because they spend all for heating and maintaining. And (mainly) it has been the enthusiasm and passion for this original idea of recycled, ecological, alternative architecture, that has pushed us to build it up. We together have enjoyed this project really a lot.

The opening night of the new venue was on 7th May 2009, part of the Trans Europe Halles Meeting – network of independent culture centres. We have been so happy to welcome among the audience our friends and collaborators from all over the Europe. Since then several events and summer festival took place in S2 and we hope that soon we will be able to complete the new venue with heating, air condition, theatre technical equipment, … support us, if you can.

Many thanks to all volunteers and friends for their help, to Cerná hora brewery for beer crates and courage of being the first supporter, Divadelné centrum Martin for the shipping container, company Kebek Slovakia for joining components, Pemitrans for truck transport, Helios Slovakia for wooden boards and colors, Intenda Foundation, Kia Motors Slovakia and Pontis Foundation for financial support. Very special thanks to Michal Adamov for universal help and assistance and to all friends and family members who have cooked for us. And also big thanks to architects and experts – Janko Gasparovic, Dusan Vostenák, Lenka Vostenáková, Michal Sirotiak, Karol Gabris, Michal Sládek, Martin Jancok, Pavol Uhercík, Michal Adamov, Tom Rijven, Bjorn Kierulf a Zuzana Kierulfová, Tom Rijven… and for inspiration to creators of crates buildings that we have never met – Wolfgang Winter a Berthold Hörbelt.


Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, Zavodska cesta 3

Zilina, Zilinsky


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