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In the recycling process interesting materials are to be found, Bales are especially interesting for building because they are being collected in the recycling plant, and materials are sorted and pressed in standard sizes.

By stacking them you can build fast, at least 3 pieces high.


End of life cycle: car wrecks are pressed in blocks. Also in other industries metal parts are collected and pressed together in modular forms.


A car wreck block also contains, besides steel and other materials (mainly plastics and metals), open spaces. Most of the time the steel bales or car wreck bales are quite rusty.

The bales have set sizes, modular. For example the ones on the picture are 800x800x2400 mm. They weigh about 800 kilos a piece.


The engineering firm ABT already made calculations of constructions with car wreck bales.

Website ABT:

The artists from Trashformaciones in Spain made a thick wall out of metal scrap bales:

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At a car wrecker’s yard or at a big collector of metal scrap you can find the pressed bales.

We found them at a car wrecker for € 0,16/kilo= € 128,- a bale.

Prices may vary in time.

this entry was made possibe thanks to a contribution by the netherlands foundation for visual arts, design, and architecture

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