BALES 1;to be recycled:PAPER



In the recycling process interesting materials are to be found, Bales are especially interesting for building because they are being collected in the recycling plant, and materials are sorted and pressed in standard sizes.

By stacking them you can build fast, at least 3 pieces high. About 80 different qualities of paper are being selected of which plasticized plastic is the easiest to use for building because they are watertight without extra treatment.

See how rural studios has used them!

In Holland :

Paper bales come in blocks off 900/700/900, 1100/700/variable and 900/700/variable.

Card board bales are usually 1350/700/1100,

They weigh about 1000 kg a m3. (500 kg a standard block)

Prizes start at 35 euro a block.

They are pretty good insulators at 0,18 W/m °C

AVR-Rietveld Papierrecycling

Federatie Nederlands Oudpapier industrie

this entry was made possibe thanks to a contribution by the netherlands foundation for visual arts, design, and architecture

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