Atlas Book Lamp – made from a used book

Rotterdam (NL)



This lamp has been created out of a used atlas which has been re-crafted and shaped into a lamp which is fuctional as well as beautiful to look at.

The lamps are being used in restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid and hotels in Spain and Germany.

It has been published in numerous magazines such as Architectural Digest, Wallpaper, Elle, Home and Garden, Glamour, and others.

The lamp is used with an energy saving light bulb, Therefore there is no risk of fire and which is also better for the environment.

A perfect present for any book lover.

Dimensions aprox: diameter 50 cm x width 40 cm
(diameter 19.7 x width 15.7 inches).
Includes a 2,5 meter(98.4 inches) hanging wire and a ceiling cap.

A lamp from your own book is also possible.

The lamp can be ordered through ETSY:

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