asphalt superuse-road



These stairs consists of crude tiles of the asphalt. they were salvaged from a road nearby that had been used for a year by the traffic that brought in building materials for the new neighbourhood. Building these temporary roads for extended building sites is standard procedure in The Netherlands. Usually these strips of asphalt are milled to be reused in new asphalt. It remains to be seen if just scooping it up with a shovel and transporting it over a short distance to serve as garden flooring is more efficient, but the slabs do provide a good solution. Varying tile shapes and sizes (one to two meters) were no problem and the material has been arranged with a crane on the top and the slopes of the barrier. In the first few months of use some fragments of asphalt broke off, but in the end the material settled. As a matter of fact the main difficulty in this particular project was the choice of a proper material to aesthetically mimic pieces of asphalt in the scale model that was used to determine proportions. Rye bread did the job surprisingly well, but it had to be fresh. (text by Ed van Hinte)

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