A chorus line of corkscrews dancing unison inside an old tube like western style can-can girls. Nemo Gould, an artist, made the Alco-hologram ‘a large magnifying screen from an old big screen T.V. diffuses and distorts the scene. It makes the whole thing a bit more dream-like, kind of muddy, the way it would look if you were actually watching it on an old tube television.’

‘If you are like me, you have always felt that wine openers look like little people. After finding several of them at the dump, I decided to finally do something about it. I also like this piece because it reminds me that I once wanted to get into stop frame animation. The T.V. cabinet makes the whole thing feel like you are watching a film, a very repetitive film anyway.’ Click to watch it move.

Nemo uses found metals, vehicle parts, furniture, and bits and pieces of old tools and appliances, to create his series of kinetic Fauxbots: ‘mechanical sculptures inspired by popular conceptions of robots.’

Nemo Gould

Alco-hologram (2007)

Television set, cork screws, chinese lamp, velvet, player piano parts, xerox machine motor, coffee table top, lights

Check out his for more.

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