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In Teuge at the Teuge international airport is now a hotel-suite under construction in an old Russian airplane. The Ilyushin 18 is turned into a luxury hotel room. The 37m long cabin will be fitted with infrared sauna, a luxurious jacuzzi, a minibar, 3 flat-screen TVs, a Blue-Ray player, free wireless Internet and air conditioning.

From 1964 until ’86 the Ilyushin 18 functioned as a plane for the Government of the former German Democratic Republic. Until 2007 it functioned as restaurant in the German town Harbke when it was bought by Ben Thijssen, the owner of His company is specialized in luxury suites.

The airplane stands next to the runway and is expected to open mid July 2009. One night costs about € 350 but includes breakfast.

Ben Thijssen

Airplane Suite (2009)

Superused: Ilyushin 18 (GDR-government plane from 1964 – 1986)

Teuge, The Netherlands

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