Airplane House

Hillsboro (US)



This Boeing 727-200 is a work-in-progress home conversion, undertaken by Bruce Campbell from rural Hillsboro, Oregon. For $100.000 the plane was obtained by the electrical engineer and the estimated costs to make it a house are another $100.000. The aircraft provides 1,066 square feet (100 m2) of living space and near-total resistance to the elements. The house gives him ‘A feeling of strength, security, capability and ergonomics that eclipses any other, almost as if you were in a home designed 50 years in the future. Imagine removing all the clutter, such as the seats, the overhead compartments… What’s left is an open, ultra high tech home. Besides,’ he says, ‘it’s a great toy.’ On his labyrinthic website there is a million of pictures of the work-in-progress, both exterior and interior of jet-house and a cool possibility to build a house out of wide-body 747 jet. He resumes that ‘anybody can do it, given desire, luck (acquiring decommissioned plane) and determination.’

The plane is visible on google earth:,-123.007758&t=h

– Or see it down below, press the satellite-button to watch it.

Bruce Campbell

Airplanehome (1998 – under construction)

Boeing 727-200 (1967)

Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

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