747 Jet Shed



So, now you’r living in your airplane house. To host all your bikes the (balcony) wings are formidable carports. Or possible you have a Winy Maas* or Moller** skycar than you could even park it on top. But still, sometimes you need some space to do stuff, not all work can be done in the comfort of that home. Like work on your vintage helicopter.

So, you fly back to the aircraft scrap yard. And look what they got, a chunk of 747 fuselage. Perfect.

Aviation Warehouse

Jet Shed

Boeing 747 fuselage

El Mirage, Southern California desert, California, USA


Picture made by Todd from Telstar, placed with kind permission: http://telstarlogistics.typepad.com


*Skycar City, Winny Maas & Grace La, Actar, ISBN 88-208041-6-6, skycar models: page 48 until 93

**Moller Skycar www.moller.com

To have a chunk of 747 or even a complete one, should become more easier since there might be a surplus of 747-200s heading for the market any day soon. Aiationweek: ‘Mass retirement is looming for the world’s fleet of aging freighters, especially Boeing 747-200s. Boeing says that 40% of the 320 747 freighters in service are at least 25 years old but keep flying because strong demand for new passenger jets and delays in delivery of Airbus A380s have suppressed the supply of replacement airplanes. James Edgar, a cargo specialist with Boeing, says the old 747s “will be retired in droves” in the next few years as airframe production catches up with global traffic demand and passenger transports such as 747-400s are released for conversion to freighters.’ Prices for a complete stripped out 747, are about $ 100.000, this means 360m2 of interior floor space and this is just the passenger deck. Here is a line up of 747s waiting to get scrapped: www.flickr.com/photos/92377977@N00/19711915/in/set-72157594511141129/ (sniff)

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